Google Classroom

I have a Google Workspace (G Suite) email and I can't join the Google Classroom.

Login to your Google Admin Console https://admin.google.com Go to Apps > Addtional Google Services > Settings for Classroom > Class Settings Under "Which Classes can users in your domain join" select "any G Suite Class" and click "save" You should now be able to join the Google Classroom for your Virtual Course.

Where do I find my scripts and materials for class?

Scripts, copy, and all classroom materials will appear in the Google Classroom during, the day of, or several days prior to class start depending on the course.

Can I save documents provided to me in the Google Classroom?

Depending on the material, we will grant access for you to download certain documents. Some of our scripts are proprietary and will only be in view mode.

When should I join the Google Classroom?

It's important to join the Google Classroom when you sign up for class because you may have homework or assignments or questions to answer prior to class start. Zoom meeting information is also provided in the Google Classroom.

ADR From Home

Do I need a Source Connect Standard account?

No, students log in as a guest to Source Connect Now through a Google Chrome browser.

What are the technical requirements for the ADR From Home course?

  • XLR Mic & Audio Interface in recording space (easily accessible to control gain in real time while recording) OR USB Microphone with gain control built in
  • Screens (Ideally 2, or 1 very large screen) in recording space
  • Keyboard and mouse in recording space
  • Google Chrome Browser (for connection to Source Connect Now)
  • Your computer can effectively handle multiple applications running at once. Especially Chrome for Classroom/Scripts, Source Connect Now & Zoom.
  • Strong internet connection: (Ethernet wired connection preferred. Ideally minimum 15 mbps upload, 150 mbps download) https://www.speedtest.net/

Do I need to have a sound treated booth to take this class?

While it's a good test of your remote recording set up, students can join as long as they meet the technical requirements. Having a sound treated space is not a requirement. The course is designed for students to learn about the remote ADR process.


Where is the Zoom meeting ID and passcode for my class?

You can find the Zoom meeting ID and passcode for class in the Google Classroom. The link to join the Google Classroom is provided in your sign up email.

Can I record the Zoom meeting?

Personal recording of any Adventures in Voice Acting training event is strictly prohibited.

Why can't I join the meeting on my browser?

Students must have a Zoom account in order to log into the class Zoom meetings.


When will in studio classes resume?

With the ever changing circumstances surrounding the pandemic we cannot predict when it will be safe to resume in person classes.

Will you still offer virtual courses when in studio classes resume?

Yes, we will continue offering virtual courses.

What does an "observer" spot entail?

- Observer spots become available after a workshop is sold out of participant spots.
- They are 50% off a participant spot.
- Observers will have access to the Google Classroom to view all the materials the participants will be working with during the course.
- Observers must keep the camera off and audio muted in the Zoom meeting.
- Observers can't ask questions other than troubleshooting questions to the host or co-host via chat.

Do you offer demo production?

Adventures in Voice Acting does not, but coach Dorah Fine does provides demo preparation as part of her VO business and career coaching services.

Can I submit my demo?

Adventures in Voice Acting Events are for education and training purposes only. Attending a workshop, class or other event is not guarantee of auditions or employment or work in the entertainment or voiceover industries. We do not accept any submissions regarding employment, we are a school.

How can I audition for Bang Zoom?

Bang Zoom sponsors Adventures in Voice Acting and provides materials, studio space, and more. Adventures in Voice Acting has no connection to employment or casting for Bang Zoom.

Are there prerequisites for your classes?

We offer suggested prerequisites in the descriptions of our courses. But they are not required. After reading the description, it is up to you to decide if the class is the right fit for you.

Do you offer youth classes?

We provide courses for adults aged 18 and up, with the exception of our Intro to Voice Acting course, where ages 16 and older can join.