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Policies & Guidelines

Virtual Courses 



Join the GOOGLE CLASSROOM by clicking the link provided in the confirmation email for the course. (Zoom meeting info, class assignments and materials will be posted in the class stream)

  1. Webcam & Light Source: So our instructor can see your face clearly. 

  2. Headphones: Students must wear headphones at all times in order to avoid echo and feedback. 

  3. Microphone: Please do not use the built-in microphone on your device. A headset microphone will do, a USB or XLR microphone is best. 


  • XLR Mic & Audio Interface in recording space (easily accessible to control gain in real time while recording) OR USB Microphone with gain control built in

  • Screens (Ideally 2, or 1 very large screen) in recording space

  • Keyboard and mouse in recording space

  • Google Chrome Browser (for connection to Source Connect Now)

  • Your computer can effectively handle multiple applications running at once. Especially Chrome for Classroom/Scripts, Source Connect Now & Zoom.

  • Strong internet connection: (Ethernet wired connection preferred. Ideally minimum 15 mbps upload, 150 mbps download)

TERMS: It is the  participant's responsibility to ensure that they meet all the technical requirements for your virtual courses and not have technical difficulties.   Minor troubleshooting during a course, that can be resolved in a timely manner can be accommodated. Any major complications due to the participant failing to meet the technical requirements as described above will not be accommodated.

Cancellation Policies



If you are unable to attend a training event, you are responsible to inform us via this cancellation form

LATE CANCEL: Because your registration potentially prevents someone else from attending, we do not offer refunds for cancellations within 72 hours before the start time of the training event. You will be charged as if you attended the event.


EARLY CANCEL: To receive credit on your account towards future training events with Adventures in Voice Acting,  the following  steps are required: 

  1. Fill out the cancellation form notifying us you cannot attend at least 72 hours prior to the start time of the training event  

  2. There is another student available to take your spot:

  • A participant on the Waitlist

  • You personally arrange for someone to take your place


If you are unable to attend a virtual coaching appointment,  you are responsible to inform us via this cancellation form


Early Cancel: Appointment is canceled at least 48 hours prior to session start time.

Late Cancel: Appointment is canceled less than 48 prior to start time. You will be charged as if you had attended the session


No Show / Late Arrivals:

  • Please communicate with your coach directly if you are running late.

  • Coaches will wait up to 15 minutes into the session for you to arrive at your appointment.

  • Zoom meeting will end after 15 minutes and be considered a no call/no show. You will be charged as if you had attended the session

EXCEPTIONS: We will issue refunds on a case by case basis under certain extenuating circumstances such as emergencies etc. 


Currently No In-Studio Offerings

  • Proof of Covid 19 Vaccination Required for all in person training events 

  • Please stay at home if you are sick with respiratory symptoms (cough, congestion, sneezing, etc.). If you are not well, please notify us via EMAIL to cancel your reservation. We will be in touch about making up the class as soon as you recover.​

  • Be considerate to your fellow classmates- come to class odor free!

          - While using soap and wearing deodorant are essential, please do not use strong fragrances such as cologne or perfume, as some of your classmates may be allergic. 

          - Students presenting strong odors will be asked to leave the studio, and will be welcome back as soon as they are odor free.


For Educational Purposes Only

  • Personal recording of Virtual courses is strictly prohibited.  (Monitored by audio and video watermarks.) 

  • Personal audio or video recording of any sort is NOT PERMITTED at any Adventures in Voice Acting workshop, class or any other event. 

  • We have been granted special permission to use scripts, copy and ADR sessions for training purposes only. 

  • We cannot provide recordings of your work in the Intro to Voice Acting, AiVA Workshop A, AiVA Workshop B, ADR Workouts, or Virtual courses.


For Educational Purposes Only

Adventures in Voice Acting Events are for education and training purposes only. Attending a workshop, class or other event is not guarantee of auditions or employment or work in the entertainment or voiceover industries.

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