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Burbank, CA ($299-$400) (NYC, Chicago, San Francisco at select times of the year- $375)

Our Signature Adventures in Voice Acting (AIVA) intensive day long workshops, are held every few months at Bang Zoom! Studios in Burbank CA, and  at various times of the year in major cities across the country.  Students will get lots of “hands-on” experience in a professional studio working in front of a microphone. These workshops are conducted by a professional voice actor-director instructor with experienced recording engineers under real world conditions. 

Intro to Voice Acting

This introductory workshop is for those interested in becoming voice actors and want to learn more about the industry. In this beginner level course students will learn:

  • The basics of acting

  • Using and training your voice

  • Working with microphones in a studio environment

  • The fundamentals of ADR anime recording

This class is designed for those who have no prior training in acting or voice over, and is a perfect place for those interested in the profession to begin their voice acting journey

AIVA Workshop A (Intermediate)

This Intermediate level workshop focuses on learning the tools of voice acting to create believable characters in animation and anime. Attendees will have the opportunity to create and record characters. Students will also receive instruction and develop skills specific to the ADR (dubbing) process for anime, including practice recording individual characters & Walla (group) sessions.  


Suggested prerequisite Intermediate Level Course:

  • Prior college level acting training, or 

  • Prior voice acting training, or 

  • Experience working in the field (professional or amateur), or

  • Our Intro to Voice Acting Workshop

AIVA Workshop B (Advanced)

This Advanced level workshop is a high intensity class designed to prepare attendees for auditioning, and working in the animation and video game industries.  Attendees will experience multiple types of mock sessions to prepare them for their first real-world working session:

  • Pre-Lay (Group) recording for animation

  • Video Game session at full speed

  • ADR session using advanced level Anime scenes


Recommended Prerequisite: 

  • Experience working in the field, and/or

  • Prior Advanced acting training and/or

  • have taken our AIVA Workshop A or an equivalent intermediate level training from another instructor or school.

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