Workouts & Clinics 
Burbank, CA $89-$200

Ever wish you could skip the lecture portion of a class or workshop and get straight to recording on the mic? Adventures in Voice Acting WORKOUTS are designed to give you the opportunity to practice your craft and keep voice acting skills sharp. You will be directed in professionally engineered sessions where you are the actor, and the director simply directs.

Adventures in Voice Acting CLINICS are 3-4 hour Intensives where you practice specific approaches and acting techniques to enhance your voice acting skillset. 

Improv for Voice Actors

with Julie Maddalena


Learn or Review the basics of improv and apply it to voice over copy and performances in this this Clinic with Julie Maddalena! 


-Have fun with improv exercises and games

-Breathe life into your characters with Julie’s exclusive “ImproVOlogue” audition technique 

-Reclaim the joy in voice acting

No required prerequisites

ADR Workout


Tony Oliver will direct you in ADR sessions using anime scenes of your choice from our library. The evening will culminate with a playback of the night's anime dub recordings with a little feedback from the director.

Animation Workout


The instructor will direct students performing individual and/or partner reads using animation copy. The instructor will give feedback and tips. 

Students may bring their own animation audition copy to work with, or use provided animation copy.

improVOlogue Workout


Find new depth in your audition reads in this character building workout! You'll incorporate improvisation to sharpen your audition skills so that your acting choices are stronger and clearer than ever before at this unique workout.
Students will select a character from animation audition copy, and improvise in character on the mic. Finally, they will perform the character using the "monologue" (animation script.)

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