with Tony Oliver

This introductory workshop is for those interested in becoming voice actors and want to learn more about the industry. In this beginner level course students will learn:

  • The basics of acting

  • Using and training your voice


No Prerequisites: The class is designed for those who have no prior training in acting or voice over, and is a perfect place for those interested in the profession to begin their voice acting journey.


with Tony Oliver

In this 4-hour virtual version of AiVA Workshop A, Tony Oliver will take you on an exploration of various techniques you can use to create quality characters quickly and efficiently. 

  • Learn vocal, physical, and emotional tools for creating characters

  • Discover which characters and techniques work best with specific media. (Anime, American Animation, Live Action Dubbing etc),

  • Each participant with have the opportunity to create characters and perform individual & group reads 

AiVA Level : GROWTH (Intermediate)

Suggested Pre-requisite- Intro to Voice Acting or previous acting training and/or experience


with Julie Maddalena

Determine your strengths and develop your natural character voices in this five session class! Julie Maddalena guides you through the process of creating character through the voice.

  • You'll learn a variety of acting and improv techniques, and how they apply to creating characters for voice acting in sessions 1-2.

  • Students will spend sessions 3-5 on mic practicing with voiceover copy from professional projects.

Throughout the course, you'll discover where your character voices fit in the animation and video game voiceover world!

AiVA Level : GROWTH (Intermediate)


with Tony Oliver

In this brand-new 3 hour virtual course, instructor Tony Oliver will take participants through techniques to help make auditioning a positive, rather than a stress inducing, experience.

  • Learn how a healthier mental approach to auditioning can reduce the nervousness that often gets in the way of giving your best reads.

  • Explore some tricks of the trade and performing strategies to smooth out your process as well as some recording tips.

  • Participants will have the chance to perform audition copy and receive some coaching and advice from Tony

AiVA Level : GROWTH (Advanced)

Suggested Pre-requisite: At least 1 year of VO training and/or experience


with Kal-El Bogdanove

Join director Kal-El Bogdanove for a VO workout clinic with a focus on durable techniques to help you let go of nerves, distractions, and uncertainties, so you can focus on flexibility and play—and find your most in-the-moment performances, in the booth and beyond.

AiVA Level : GROWTH (Advanced)

Suggested Pre-requisite: At least 2 years of VO training and/or experience


with Julie Maddalena

Find new depth fast in Julie Kliewer's character building workout! You'll incorporate improvisation to sharpen your audition skills so that your acting choices are stronger and clearer than ever before. Students will select a character from animation audition copy, improvise in character on the mic and perform the character using the "monologue" (Audition Copy).

Participants may bring their own animation audition copy, or choose from animation scripts provided.

AiVA Level : GROWTH (Intermediate)

Suggested Pre-requisite- Intro to Voice Acting or previous acting training and/or experience


with Dorah Fine

Dorah will "FINE" tune your reads utilizing her unique perspective as our Education Coordinator. Put everything you've been learning at Adventures in Voice Acting into practice at this workout!

AiVA Level : GROWTH (Intermediate)

Pre-requisite: Taken at least 1 training event at Adventures in Voice Acting 

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Perfect your voice acting skills while we all stay safe at home. Adventures in Voice Acting now offers online versions of our in-studio training events!

  • Sign up as a PARTICIPANT or  OBSERVER! (Observer spots open once all Participant spots are filled)

  • Virtual Courses are held on Zoom on Pacific Time (PT), and are open for students around the world!

  • Get familiar with our new policies and guidelines regarding this new part of Adventures in Voice Acting!

Zoom meeting info and virtual course materials are shared via GOOGLE CLASSROOM. 



Lecture & Instruction

Multiple Reads on Mic

Detailed Instructor Feedback

4 hour single session


Lecture & Instruction

Multiple Reads on Mic

Detailed Instructor Feedback

2-3 hour multiple sessions


Lecture & Instruction

 Up to 1 read on mic

Instructor Feedback

2-3 hour single session


Instructor Directed Reads

2 Reads on Mic

Detailed Instructor Feedback

2-3  hour single session


Practice your Skills

1-2 Reads on Mic

A little Feedback from Instructor

2.5  hour single session

Be sure to join your course Google Classroom as soon as you receive the link in your confirmation email. Course materials, assignments and zoom meeting info will be posted in the Google Classroom Stream 


Adventures in Voice Acting Events are for education and training purposes only. Attending a workshop, class or other event is not guarantee of auditions or employment or work in the entertainment or voiceover industries.

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