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Dave Bisson

Dave Bisson

Voice Acting Coach

Dave is a full-time Actor, Voice Actor, & Improviser. A trained actor for over 20 years, he started doing voiceover part-time in 2009 in addition to his full-time job as a commercial producer. In 2014, he made acting & VO his full-time career, and hasn’t looked back since. He currently lives, works, & teaches VO in Chicago, with clients & students all around the world.


He’s lent his voice to hundreds of TV & radio commercials, including Mountain Dew, McDonald’s, Verizon, Fazoli’s, General Motors, Red Robin, & more. In addition to commercials, he’s also done voiceover for industrial narrations, video games, children’s toys, IVR, & just about every other form of VO except audiobooks. He does not do audiobooks, which is ironic, as he spends the majority of his free time listening to audiobooks.

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