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Art of the Bookable VILLAIN Read

Spooky Special Edition Class - October 8, 2022 with David Sobolov

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AiVA Level: Advanced This Special Edition of the class will focus on Villain Character Reads for the Spooky month of October David Sobolov’s Art of the Bookable Read workshop explores what a Casting Director needs to hear in your character voice audition to make your read competitive enough to be seriously considered for roles in Western Animation, AAA games and features. One of David’s teachers, Sanford Meisner, defined acting as "living truthfully under given imaginary circumstances.” In animation, even frightening villains and zany comedic characters need some sense of reality within their voiceprints – a heightened reality. In many games, and in computer generated roles in live-action television and features, Casting wants to hear voice actors who can deliver an extremely realistic performance – with or without a voiceprint. Some of the techniques Meisner taught will be incorporated as appropriate for each participant. We’ll also explore the crucial difference between voiceprint and character, technical elements of comedic timing, and how to realistically express a character’s personality in the moment so it feels like you’re ‘at home’ in a scene. Participant $185 | Observer $92.50* *Observer spots will open after all the Participant spots are filled *Observer's audio, video and chat functions will be disabled.

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