Character Voice Acting

Julie Maddalena Instructor / AiVA Growth (Intermediate) Level

Determine your strengths and develop your natural character voices in this five session class! Julie Maddalena guides you through the process of creating character through the voice. You'll have plenty of time in the booth practicing with voiceover copy from professional projects. Discover where your character voices fit in the animation and video game voiceover world! 

Burbank, CA $450 / $460

Getting Out of Your Head

Tony Oliver Instructor / AiVA Growth (Advanced) Level

This class is for voice acting professionals and aspiring* voice actors who struggle with nervousness in front of the mic and with being too much “in your head”. This four week acting class will focus on exercises and techniques designed to help you get out of your own way when trying to perform and to help you get to the heart of what acting is really all about. Join veteran Voice Director and Voice Actor Tony Oliver for this acting class and set yourself on the path to become one of those actors who “make it look easy”.

* Participants must have voice acting experience and/or taken voice acting courses or have taken our Advanced workshop 

Burbank, CA $385

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