ACEN 2022


Scholarship Contest

Contest Rules & Information

The Adventures in Voice Acting Contest is designed to be a fun & educational experience for aspiring voice actors in front of real voice directors, with a chance to win a voice acting scholarship for virtual courses offered at Adventures in Voice Acting, powered by Bang Zoom! 


In order to audition, you must fill out the contest entry form that will appear on this site Friday May 20, 2022. Sign ups for the first round of auditions will go live during Opening Ceremonies, so be sure to attend the panel and get your chance to be among the first to audition!

There is no limit to how many people may sign up. That said, while we will attempt to get through as many auditions as possible during the allotted time on Saturday's panel, there is no guarantee that you will be able to audition just because you are signed up. The first 20 contestants to sign up will be guaranteed the first 20 audition slots. The rest of the audition slots will be given to random contestants. So if you signed up to audition, MAKE SURE TO STAY FOR ALL OF SATURDAY'S PANEL! 

The audition signup window will close promptly at 9:00PM Central Time. 


  • Once you've signed up, come to our first panel on Saturday. Contestants will be called up live on stage to perform and will be scored by AiVA instructors Tony Oliver & Dorah Fine.

  • One lucky contestant will advance to the second round on Sunday based on AUDIENCE VOTE! 

  • You will not need to prepare a monologue. Just like most auditions, you will show up, read what you are handed, and do your best. You will need to come to the second panel on Sunday to find out who has moved on to the second round of the contest! 


1. All finalists will win an Intro to Voice Acting Workshop with Tony Oliver* 

2. The runner up will win (value of $350):

-Intro to Voice Acting Workshop with Tony Oliver *

-Intermediate Voice Acting Technique Workshop with Tony Oliver**.

3. The winner of the ACEN 2022 AIVA Scholarship will win (value of $850): **

- Intro to Voice Acting Workshop with Tony Oliver

- Intermediate Voice Acting Technique Workshop with Tony Oliver

- Character Voice Acting 101 Course with Julie Maddalena

- 1 VO Business & Career Coaching session with Dorah Fine


  • Don't want to audition but still want a chance to win a prize? You are in luck - all you need to do is fill out the Entry Form and check the box that indicates you'd like to enter the raffle. The entry form will continue to stay active through Sunday!  

  • Two raffle winners will be chosen at random to win an Intro to Voice Acting Workshop* with AIVA. You will need to be at the panel on Sunday in person to claim your prize. If you are not there, another raffle winner will be drawn in your place.


Contestants of all ages are eligible to participate in the first round, but must be 16 & over to advance to the finals 

* Contestants/Raffle winners must be 16 and over to win this prize

** Finalist Contestants must be 18 and over to win these prizes


  • Winners must be present at the Sunday Panel to claim their prize

  • All Prizes are non-transferable

  • By entering the contest you consent to be photographed/filmed and to be featured in any promotional materials (including, but not limited to social media posts) deemed necessary by Adventures in Voice Acting, Bang Zoom, and/or Anime Central.

  • Adventures in Voice Acting Events are for education and training purposes only. Attending a workshop, class or participating in this contest is no guarantee of auditions, employment or work in the entertainment or voiceover industries.