Workshop Details


Beginning Workshop

This workshop focuses on the basic of voice acting with an emphasis on ADR (dubbing) and anime recording.  The class touches on the basics of acting, using and training your voice, character creation, working with microphones in a studio environment, ADR and anime recording. This workshop is designed for those who have had little or no training in acting or voice work and is a perfect place for those interested in the profession to begin their journey.


Intermediate Workshop

This workshop continues where the beginning workshop leaves off, focusing on learning the tools of voice acting to create believable characters with an eye on developing skills needed to successfully audition for voice acting opportunities. Attendees will have the opportunity to create and record characters. The class also touches on recording for original animation, and live action dubbing and game recording. This workshop is designed for those who have taken the beginning workshop or have some college level acting training and/or have had some experience working in the field (professional or armature.


Master Class

The Master Class is a high intensity class designed to prepare attendees for auditioning, working in the game industry and to begin creating character for use in their demos. All aspects of auditioning are discussed and practiced and the attendees will be taken through a mock audition. Attendees will also experience a mock game recording session at full speed to prepare them for their first working session. Finally each attendee will have the opportunity to create and record two characters for use when they create their demos. This class is designed for those with experience working in the field, those with advanced acting training and those who have taken the intermediate workshop or an equivalent workshop or class from another instructor or school. Attendees will be provided a way to take home the work they recorded during the class.


All workshops include instruction and recording practice in a real recording studio using equipment and techniques currently used in the industry.


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