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“When I first watched this DVD I was really surprised by what it really takes to get into this industry. I was actually a little afraid to watch this because of the warning on the back of the DVD, but after watching this it gives me more confidence to working hard to become a professional voice actor. It also got me to sign up for the AiVA beginner’s voice acting workshop! The handy tips and advice on how to get started and even the vocal excercises were just want I needed to hear and see. I really love this dvd,I find myself watching it a few times a month just to brush up and take notes on what I need to do to acheive my dream. Thank you AIVA! My advice to anyone who is aspiring to become a voice actor/actress, pick up this DVD. It’s worth the money and it’s filled with a lot of advice and it really informs the viewer on what it takes to be a voice actor. I can’t wait for the other volumes!”
- Danielle McRae
“After watching AiVA, it was like reality slapped me right across the face. All the illusions of what I thought it meant to be a voice actor were washed away and replaced by what it actually is. Even though I learned just how the Voice Over Industry really is, AiVA only made me want to voice act even more.”
- JD Sandoval
“This DVD is really a fantastic overlook of what fans might need to get into the voice acting biz or to just understand what voice acting is all about. It’s humorous, insightful, and inspiring for both the youth and the aged. Since this is only volume one, I’m looking forward to what Bang Zoom! will cook up next.”
- Allie F.
“Everything was great. The voice actors and casting directors were informational. I loved the special features, especially the “Virtual Voice Actor” extra.Great use of the FBI warning in the beginning of the DVD.”
- Jeffrey Tung
“AiVA is pure bliss. Take this from a VA enthusiast of over 10 years, if you want good advice on what is good practice and what isn’t, this is a must have DVD.”
- Gyt K.
“AiVA was a great dvd. It gave me another look into the world of voice acting that I don’t see at the conventions. While I am not an aspiring voice actor, their information given in their testimonies has helped motivate me to not give up within my field of work even though the success rate and positive results are also low. As an anime fan, I truly appreciate the work that has been done, not only in the respective shows but also in this dvd. I can’t wait to see the next volumes.”
- Natasha W.
“Watching volumne one, I didn’t believe the warning on the back about how “Watching AiVA could change your perception of Voice Acting forever.” It is very thorough, and if it doesn’t convince you that voice acting isn’t the thing for you, it makes you want to be one that much more.”
- Stacie M.
“I’m so excited! I’ve always wanted to go behind the scenes of my favorite anime to meet the brilliant, amazing, and so very talented people that bring anime characters to life! Bang Zoom is really making my dream come true with this DVD – it’s the voice actors that make the show. I’ve always been curious how the voice actors truly feel about their job and exactly how each day goes. For me, it’s like going on a movie set. Thank you so much for this, Bang Zoom and keep on bringing (as Steve Blum says), “The best English language anime.”!”
- Amanda O.
“This is a must-see documentary for fans and aspiring voice actors alike. Its thorough, thoughtful, inspirational, and compelling from start to finish. You will hear fantastic stories and essential facts and advice about the industry from the some of the best in the business. Very recommended!”
- Kyle Hebert
- Voice Actor (Teen Gohan)
“Adventures in Voice Acting does a terrific job entertaining, enlightening, and exploring everything it means to be a voice actor.”
- Sam Reigel
- Voice Actor (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
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