Adventures in Voice Acting – Volume One DVD


Adventures in Voice Acting Volume 1 DVD is now on sale.  Watch and learn how your favorite voice actor started out.

Adventures in Voice Acting is a virtual tool kit that can help you learn and improve your voice acting skill.A virtual Toolkit….
Adventures in Voice Acting – The DVD – Volume One is much more than a documentary. It’s a virtual toolkit that contains everything you’ll need to start on your journey into the world of Voice Acting. Get ready for an adventure that takes you behind the scenes and into the studio, as some of the best in the business teach you how they did it, and help guide you to prepare yourself for your own first day in the studio.

Relax and watch how the voice over recording is done, and how the talents works with directors.I just like to watch….
If you’re more of an “arm chair” Voice Actor, or just interested in knowing more about the inner-workings of the industry, this comprehensive and honest look at the Voice Acting profession will keep you riveted. There is nothing else out there like it. Finally a film that honors and pays respect to the incredibly hard-working and often under-recognized voice artists working today.

Anime, Games, Cartoon, Television, Radio...  Voice acting is done in many fields and media.The key is knowledge…
You’ll get not only practical knowledge on what it takes to enter this field, but also learn from real life experiences. Top Voice Actors reveal their personal sacrifices and struggles, and talk frankly and openly about the realities of the business. Shot on location in busy studios across the U.S., Adventures in Voice Acting – Volume One also includes insights and advice from top Casting Directors, Producers and Voice Directors.

Get advices and tips on how you can become a voice actor!Live your dreams….
Adventures in Voice Acting is a three volume project covering anime, games and original animation. Volume One focuses on anime. Each volume is broken down into five approximately half-hour episodes. Episode 4 of volume one, for example, is dedicated entirely to advice – advice on auditions, demo reels, agents, and even classes. From this, any interested actor, fan or viewer can walk away with a solid understanding of what it’s really like to not only follow your dreams, but live them as well.

Kate Higgins recording in the Bang Zoom! StudiosCrispin Freeman recording in the Bang Zoom! StudiosKari Wahlgren working in a recording boothWendee Lee recording in the Bang Zoom! studio for an anime called Lucky Star

Adventures in Voice Acting is an informational documentary interviewing several voice over talents and directors about the industry and how they came to be the person they are now.
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